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Trans España - Andalucía - Granada

After enjoying many tapas in Granada and the obligatory visit of the Alhambra, there are only three days left to reach Málaga and to fly back. It is not enough time to drive around the the Sierra Nevada as it was my plan initially. However I decide to give the Alpujarras a short visit which explains the funny trail on the map.

The Alpujarras

It had rained the day before but similar to my involuntary stay in Pozo Alcón the weather got better when I left Granada. First a bit foggy but later the sun comes out. In Nigüelas I meet the TransAndalus again. I will follow the G9 and later G10 in the main direction (anti-clockwise) until Pampaneira. Clicking the markers in the map opens an info window with a link to the official descriptions of the tracks.

The tracks in the Alpujarrays are rated as very beautiful. I hope that my photos proove the point. I have lunch at a place with a great view on the lake and to the sea. G10 consists mainly of gravel roads, but it also makes use of a very nice hiking trail. At one point there is a sign which advises the trail is not suitable for biking. I have a tendency to take those signs as a challenge. Here, I have to admit that the sign is justifiable. All in all, there seems to be friendly coexistence between bikers and hikers. I have not seen a single prohibition sign for bikers.

The forest road ends near Pampaneira which greets its guests with a row of souvenir shops. A restaurant offers cake with local chestnuts. During the day the trees of chestnuts and also castaneas have showed their full autumn beauty.

I stay over night at the camping site in Pitres. There is a cozy restaurant with a fireplace. To my surprise it has still open although there are not many visitors on the site. At night it even becomes crowded with locals celebrating a Halloween party.

Rio Saleres and Parque Natural de Tejeade

The day starts with showers. Today I switch the direction and use the sections G7 to G4 clockwise in order to reach Malaga. Just before Carataunas my GPS decides that a hiking route would be preferable. Unfortunately, there is no time for adventures and after the path gets steep and driving is not possible anymore I turn around.

In Albuñuelas there is a market to grab some fresh food. Soon after the village the G7 meets the beautiful valley of the Rio Saleres and continues along the stream. It is a gravel path with nearly no traffic. There is some sort of camping place (acampanada) which invites to lunch. Later I enter the Parque Natural Sierras de Tejeade, Almijara y Alhama.

In Jayena the TransAndulisista can stay for a special price (20 Euro, 2012) in the hotel "La Almijara". Every single caña is accompanied by a delicious tapa there, muy muy bien.

Finally the sea

Today I leave before sunrise at seven. I start with a mistake and drive on the wrong side of the small river. The direction is fine, but I am missing a bridge. I drive back to the village but also on the other side there is no bridge: just drive through the small stream which is no problem at all. It reminds me of my trip to Costa Rica where river-crossing appeared to me as a kind of sport.

The Rutómetro describes the upcoming trail as "muy entretenida" - downhill. Uphill, from the village to the runway, I have to push some parts, nonetheless a fine trail.

G6 and G5 provide forest roads with the exception of one small trip into a trail. The first part of G4 is still in the Parque, the rest is next to the road and leads through agricultural area. I decide to leave it and head on the Road to Málaga. Many, many thanks to the people behind the TransAndalus, I really appreciate your work.

Behind Ventas de Zafarraya is a mirador with a view to the Costa del Sol. My anticipation grows to devastate the 900 meters altitude difference to the sea. At the coast the first Osborne Toro of my trip invites to a photo session. On the coastal road to Málaga there are many bikers. While I am approaching the city the traffic becomes thicker. At times I am in doubt if I am still allowed to drive the road. However, there are no prohibition signs and I am glad that I can follow other bikers. Finally, I reach the seafront where I can relax and enjoy a beer at sunset.

In Málaga I have to prepare my bike for the flight back. I am luck to find a bike shop where people give me a carton for free and even help me to stuff my bike into it. After that there is some time left to get around Málaga and to conclude my Trans España.


Granada_Malaga.GPX (288 km, 3 days)