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    SQL Results Viewer

    QKDT has a new result viewer. In the past the results of evaluations were either displayed in the Expression or Table View. In the past week I could integrate the SQL Results Viewer from the Data Tools Platform project. It solves some shortcomings of the Expression View and it provides a couple of new features:

    • a result history which is also indexed for text search
    • results are persisted and thus can be revisited
    • the type of the result determines the presentation

    The screen cast shows the SQL Result Viewer in action. It has been recorded with the current nightly build,

    Content of the screen cast:

    1. launch configuration, evaluation and progress bar
    2. handling of three different types of results
      • tables are displayed in a Table Viewer, which is more or less the former Table View in a new disguise
      • structured data (lists and dictionaries) are displayed in Tree Viewer, which is quite like the Expression View
      • text is displayed in a Message tab
    3. configuration options
      • choose columns for the history pane
      • display results in multiple tabs or in a single tab
    4. Note that QKDt does not support all configuration options of the SQL Results View, e.g. the Max row count and Max display row count properties are ignored
    5. larger tables
    6. searching the command history

    I am still uncertain in how far the Data Tools project and the subproject SQL tools in particular can be of help for KDB+ development. The SQL Result Viewer however is a near perfect fit for what we need to handle results. Fortunately the Data Tools project is modularized enough to allow us to cut out the Result viewer. Nonetheless there are a couple of small patches necessary to integrate the viewer in QKDT. I think this is due to not being many othern external clients of the viewer, which makes it all the more notable that the component can be separated at all. I hope that my patches will find their way into a Data Tools release soon so that QDKT can rely on an unmodified version of datatools.

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